How To Vote The Voice Contestants | Parijita Bastola To Vote

America Biggest Singing Reality show Live audition shows has been started. Now, you can vote your best contestant among all the contestant. Since this is the competition for best quality and performance you should always vote for the best among the best.

How to Vote the Voice
How to Vote in The Voice

We have provided ways you can follow to vote for the favourite contestant in the following ways. If you love the voice of 17 years singer Parijita Bastola then don't wait and just do it.

In the American biggest Singing Reality Show Nepalese-American beautiful singer Parijita Bastola has reached the Live Audition Round after passing the Blind Round, Battle Round and Knock Out Round. This shows her talent that really impressed the judges. Now, it's time for all of from all over the world to make Parijita Winner through voting in "The Voice" with a precious vote. 


There are two ways we can follow to vote for Parijita Bastola in 'The Voice' to make winner in the Live Audition Round. All the people from around the globe are eligible for voting.

Two Ways to Vote The Voice Parijita Bastola

Vote Parijita Using App

  1. Tap on the App Store or Play store
    Click on Download The Voice Official App
  2. Create Account Using Gmail Address, Facebook and Apple ID
  3. Choose Your Singer
  4. Click Submit Vote 

Note: You can Vote 10 times per artist on The voice App per Gmail, Facebook and Apple ID

Vote Parijita Using Online Voting

  1. Go to
  2. Create Your profile on using Email, Facebook, Apple ID
  3. If the voting is opened then choose your favorite artist to vote
  4. Vote 10 times per artist per gmail, facebook and Apple ID 
  5. Just Click on Submit Vote

Note: You can Vote 10 times per artist on The voice App per Gmail, Facebook and Apple ID


Criteria To Vote in The Voice

The voters of The Voice should be 13 years old or older than that. 

The voters of The Voice should from 52 states of the USA including the Districts of Colombia and and Puerto Rico.

If you want to support Parijita then you could also join TEAM PARIJITA to support her in many ways.


We would like to conclude that do vote for the best contestant according to the voice quality and performance. We know that this gonna create a history America's No. 1 singing reality show The Voice. The Season 22 is special because of Nepalese-American Contestant Parijita Bastola. Comment your favorite contestant among all the artist in this competition.


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