FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money Annnounced | More than 5 Arba to Cup Winner

World Cup 2022 Winner Prize:- The official  Breakdown of the World Cup Prize Money for the FIFA world Cup is now available. The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, the grand finale of world football, is starting on 20 November 2022. There is still to be announce the winner of FIFA World Cup 2022 winner.

fifa world cup 2022 winner prize money
FIFA WC 2022 Prize Money

The team that become FIFA WC 2022 champion will hold the status of world champion for four years.

There are only a few days left until the starting of the World Cup in Qatar. In such a situation, common supporters and football lovers have started discussion and betting on the game. Not only this, now supporters and football lovers have started to be interested in how many awards the winning team will receive along with the World Cup title.


FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money

FIFA, the world football's governing body, has allocated a total prize money of $440 Million  for the Qatar World Cup. This is 40 Million dollars more than the 2018 World Cup. The winner, runner-up and third place winner of the Qatar World Cup will receive huge prizes. Not only that, all the teams participating in the World Cup are receiving $9 Million each awards from FIFA.


Qatar's World Cup winner will receive $42 million dollar along with the 18 carat gold trophy. Similarly, the second place will get 40 million dollar and the third place will get 27 million dollar. FIFA set to pay preparation expenses to the 32 participating countries in 2022. Know the full detail of prize money to be distributed to each group winners and trophy winner. 

  • World Cup Winner - USD $42m (Rs. 5,49,90,89,508)
  • Runner-up - USD $40m (Rs. 5,23,72,28,103)
  • Third Place - USD $27m (Rs. 3,53,51,28,969)
  • Fourth Place - USD $25m (Rs. 3,27,32,67,564)
  • Quarter-Finals - USD $17m (Rs. 2,22,58,21,944)
  • Round of 16 - USD $13m (Rs. 1,70,20,99,133)
  • Group Stage - USD $9m (Rs. 1,17,83,76,323)


We would like to thank all the sources that help us to collect the authentic data to be paid to the FIFA world Cup 2022 winners. We would like to wish best of luck for all the 32 teams. All the team are already winner. Also, comment us your best team in this world cup. 


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