Lab Assistant Exam Date 2022 | Medical Laboratory Technology (18 Months-2016) Back

Lab Assistant Exam Date 2022:- As per the notice published by Examination Control Office of CTEVT in 2nd Chaitra 2078 all the Pre-Diploma Level exam schedule has been published. So, it is noticed to all the community colleges, Partnership, Private, Organic College providing different 12+6 months and 24 months program courses into their colleges are informed to become ready for the exam.

Exam of Lab Assistant 2079 (18 Months-2016) Back Exam Schedule

Medical Lab Technology is also known as Medical Lab Assistant or Lab Assistant or LA in short cut. This is the 12+6 months course. Lab Assistant is altogether 18 months course. Students need to study altogether 7 subjects. Lab Assistant is the course of CTEVT of Nepal.

Medical Laboratory Technology Exam 2022
Lab Assistant Exam 2078/2079

Exam Time of Lab Assistant 2022

Medical Lab Assistant Exam Time will be started and ended in the following specified Time

Exam Starts: Morning 7:00 AM

Exam Ends: Morning 10:00 AM


Lab Assistant Exam Date / Subject 

2079-01-02       Basic Anatomy & Physiology

2079-01-03      Haematology & Blood Banking

2079-01-04      Clinical Bio-Chemistry

2079-01-05      Medical Microbiology

2079-01-06      Medical Parasitology

2079-01-07      F.A. & Com. Diseases

2079-01-08      Laboratory Mgmt & QA


Full Form of CTEVT

The Full form of CTEVT is Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training. It provide affiliation to different courses of Medical, Technical, Agriculture, Technological to different private, community, parternership organization upon their request. 


Lab Assistant Rules and Regulations

  1. There will be no special management for the Student absent in the above scheduled exam. 
  2. Practical Exam will be in the related campuses and colleges so students should contact in their college. 
  3. Schools conducting technical education in community schools will also have to conduct the schedule of experimental examinations in coordination with the concerned provincial office of the council.
  4. Trainees who fail the internal assessment examination will not be allowed to participate in the left examination. If such trainees are involved in the examination by filling up the examination application form, the examination will be automatically canceled and the principal of the self-taught institution will be responsible for it.
  5. The examination will not be postponed even if there is any unexpected leave without the prior notice of the Council, Examination Control Office.
  6. The trainees will have to bring the original admission card with them when they come for the examination.
  7. Health examination standards prescribed by the Government of Nepal shall be fully complied with in the examination center.



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