Nepal Idol Season 4 Digital Audition |Nepal Idol 4 Digital Audition

Nepal Idol Season 4 Digital Audition:- You all Know that Nepal Idol Audition has been started digitally due to the Corona virus Spread all around the world. Without delay start how to participate in the digital audition of Nepal Idol. 

A new app as been developed for the process of Digital Audition. You need to follow certain steps. Before this process you need to record two favourite songs with different genre into your mobile Smartphone.

Nepal Idol Season 4 Digital Audition
Nepal Idol Season 4 Digital Audition

Digital Audition Process of Nepal Idol Season 4


Digital Audition Date

Starting Date: 2078 1st Bhadra, Tuesday
Ending Date: 2078 31st Bhadra

Age Criteria for the digital Audition

You need to have at least 16 years and should not exceed more than 30 years.  

1 Download Apon app

You need to go  to your playstore and download the app called APON which has been officially launched by AP1 HD Television for the audition and news spread of the television. 


Click to Download Nepal Idol Audition App

2 Audition Open

In this Step you need to Directly click on Audition Open 

3. Nepal Idol Season 4

Click on Nepal Idol Season 4 which is very easy step. 


Firstly you need to signup with facebook or gmail account to send your digital audition of Nepal Idol Season Four

5. Fill up all the details

- Upload Your Photo- For this you need to allow permission for overlay

- Full Name Type your full Name

- Date of Birth Date of birth should be month, day and year

- Email Address you need to provide your  official Email Address

-Phone Number Your own Number should be included

- Landline Number is not compulsory by it could be included

- Province Choose your province where your are from. 

-District where you are from

- Municipality means gaunpalika, nagarpalika and mahanagarpalika

- Address Include your full address

- Video 1 should be different from video 2 genre

- Video 2 should have different genre from video 1

- tick on the by signing up you agree all the conditions. 

- Save Click on Save at last shown in red pink



 Nepal Idol Season 4 Audition Digitally is not an easy job we think so if you need assistance then we are ready to help you to go for digital audition without barriers. Comment down for any help about Nepal Idol Season 4 Digital Audition. 

Thank you
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