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NCELL 120 percent bonus Enjoy endlessly

NCELL 120 percent bonus:- All Ncell customers will be able to get a 120 per cent bonus on each balance recharge, starting today (Thursday, April 26 2020). Ncell Pvt Ltd has increased the bonus amount by a percent so that it will not have any difficulty accessing telecommunication services in the case of lockdown currently in place throughout the country for control and prevention of Corona Virus disease (Covid-19).
NCELL 120 percent bonus
NCELL 120% Bonus on Recharge
In the midst of this crisis, Ncell is committed to being a responsible and essential service provider to keep its services smooth and continuous.

What can be done with Bonus?

Customers can use the bonus amount they receive from the recharge to call, SMS, and run the Internet with other numbers within the Ncell network. This bonus is available on recharge card, VFT, electronic recharge and all other means of recharge.

Offer Validity

Started: Thursday, April 26 2020
End: within 7 days 

Example of 120 per cent Bonus calculation

Under this scheme, Ncell's customers can get a bonus on the recharges of Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 300, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. 

For example, under this scheme, the customer who recharges Rs 50 will receive Rs. 60 as a bonus and the total balance will be the accumulation of Rs. 50 plus Rs. 60 which is Rs. 110.

Similarly, the customer who recharges Rs 100 will receive Rs. 120 the bonus amount will be valid for up to three days.

Other related news of Ncell

Taking into account the current crisis situation, only for Wednesday, Ncell also arranged for a free balance transfer service, a 15 GB Stay Home Pack with a time limit of 7 days.

How much loan can be taken?

Ncell loan of up to Rs. 200 arrangement has been done in Ncell Simcard for all the customers.


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