Bachelor 4th year Exam Routine 2077 |TU exam Schedule 2077|

Bachelor 4th year Exam Routine 2077 |TU exam Schedule 2077|

Bachelor 4th year Exam Routine 2077:- Exam Schedule of different faculties such as Science, Management and Education 4 Years B.Sc., B.B.S. & B.Ed. 4th. The year 2077 has been published by Tribhuvan University. The exam is going to held 2077 B.S. onward of all the faculties. The first exam will start from two faculties such as Science and Education on 16th Baisakh 2077.
Bachelor 4th year Exam Routine 2077
Bachelor Fourth Year Exam Routine
Officially the exam schedule notice has been published by Tribhuvan University on Falgun 23rd 2076 B.S. to all the students studying BBS, B.Sc. and B. Ed.

Examination Starting and Ending Date

Starting Date: 16th Baisakh 2077 B.S.
Ending Date: 5th Jestha 2077 B.S.

Exam Time: Afternoon 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


↬B.Sc. 4th-year Exam Schedule

Since this is a technical subject and more formulas students need a strong preparation of B.Sc. 4th-year examination. First Exam code 401 starting on 16th Baisakh 2077 B.S. For full Exam schedule follow below routine. 4th year exam routine 2077
B.Sc. 4th-year exam routine

↬B.Ed. 4th Year Exam Schedule

Altogether, there are 5 subjects that student should appear in the examination. The starting date of the examination is on 16th Baisakh 2077 B.S. and the exam will end on 28th Baisakh 2077 B.S. Exam. The first Exam is Compulsory English with exam code, Ed. 442. Start preparing earlier there is a possibility for securing high per cent in every subject. 4th year exam routine 2077
B.Ed. 4th-year exam routine

↬B.B.S. Exam Routine

BBS exam will start from 17th Baisakh 2077 B.S. and will end on 2nd Jestha 2077. The first exam for the BBS student is Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development with Subject code MGT-220.

It seems that there is enough time for preparation in the middle of every exam. So there is a high chance for every student to secure a high percentage in every subject.  Find out the full exam routine below.
bbs 4th year exam routine 2077
B.B.S. 4th year exam routine

Concluding Words

Bachelor level 4th year exam will be held for almost one month if we take the average days of all the faculties. There is enough time for the student to prepare for the exam of BBS and B.Ed. But, students of science and technology faculties need early strong determination for the exam.

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