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seo friendly title
how to write a post title

When you want to make a post, a title is that the first option that you simply are asked to enter. The creation of a title is not as easy as it looks that think about your topic, generate a random title, and enter it in the required area to proceed. A title is the most significant part and the crux of your post. It is the primary impression that tells,
  1. what's your topic? 
  2. What is your stance? 
  3. What are the causes and the repercussions that you are going to demonstrate through your BlogPost?
The features reveal that a title takes almost the same time that your whole content takes. For it attracts and captivates your audience. Sometimes, it happens that you create very good, informative and grammatically error-free content. But despite all these, you fail to attract your audience and generate traffic through Google.

Therefore, to let your audience click on your link, land on your blog page and make some conversions. Your title should be informative, appealing, and comprehensive.

Whether your visitors are on your BlogPost or they are at the Google search results page. The title is the first thing that persuades your audience whether they should read your post or not. For if it's consistent with the selection or query of your visitors, it'll increase conversions on your blog. Therefore, to urge a meaningful and beautiful title, we are getting to tell you the simplest ways to make a user-friendly post title.

How To Create A SEO User-Friendly Post Title In Blogger

After the creation of your blog, your first step is to create your post that asks to enter your title. For this purpose, log in to your Blogger account, select your required blog and click the post option. A page will appear on your screen in which the first option is to enter your post title.

In this way, you will create your post title to proceed further. But you are not here just to create a random or an ordinary title. You are here to satisfy your audience; you are here to write a title to make your audience stay on your page. So to do this understand the followings.

Think Well Before Creating A Title

Before writing your title, think well about your topic. While choosing a title, consider the stance, the causes, the pros and cons, and the repercussions of your content. Try to compile all these features in a single line. During this compilation, you will generate various titles in your mind. Pen them down on a separate page. Now, choose the most suitable one that will be a representative of your blog post.

For example, if you are going to write an article about the creation of a blog. But you know many people and websites have already written about the creation carefully think what will you provide that will attract your audience towards your blog? Now, the ideas generated in your mind.
  1. How to create a BlogSpot.
  2. Steps to create a new blog.
  3. Easy steps to make a new blog.
  4. Steps to create a blog to start blogging.
  5. Easy steps to create a free blog.
  6. How to step by step create a free blog on Blogger.

The last title will be the nearest idea that you are going to generate.

  • Maintain The Length Of Your Title:-

After getting a required title, maintain its length that should not exceed 55-60 characters.

  • Use Adjectives To Beautify And Decorate Your Title:-

Use adjectives in your title; they will beautify and enhance the worth of your stance.

How to create a free blog on blogger in easy steps.
  • Use A Long-Tail Phrase Rather Than A Complete Sentence:-

A title should be a long tail phrase rather than a complete sentence. For you are to attract your audience that should click on your title rather than others in SERP. Although a complete sentence gives a complete idea. you know that a long tails phrase also gives a complete sense in limited words, and it engages the audience what is going next. For instance, in a sentence form,

How to create a free blog on Blogger is easy and remarkable steps.

In a phrase form,

Remarkable or easy steps to create a free blog on Blogger.

The phrase form of the title will be more compact, concise, and appealing than others.

  • Optimal Format For A Title

According to the optimal format, a title has three parts. In which, one part is a primary keyword, other is the secondary keyword, and the last word is your brand name.

Primary keyword – Secondary keyword | Brand name

The professionals, SEOs, and writers can easily understand which keyword should be primary and which should be secondary. But newbies have no idea how to place the keywords accordingly. For them, I have a suggestion to divide their title into two parts. The first part should be the main or general keyword, and the second part should be a specific area or a call to action that you are to perform by using the general keyword.

General or Main keyword – Specific call to action | Brand name

Blogger is the main platform in which you are to create a blog. So while writing a title consistent with this format, attempt to write the most part within the start of the title. For if you do not do this and your title length exceeds the limit, your main keyword will disappear from SERP. And you will not be able to inform about the main stance that you are talking about. Now, your title will be ‘Blogger: easy steps to create a free blog | Brand name’. In this way, you are talking about that you are creating a free blog in easy steps on a blogger platform.

Final Words:-

To conclude, I can say that in this way, your title will not only be compact, concise, comprehensive, readable, and catchy. But also it will be unique, and it will lead your audience to choose your blog post rather than others. For your entry gate, your title is completely and impressively describing what you have provided in your castle, content or post. And finally, you have created a user-friendly post title.

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