LLB 2nd year Routine 2020 3 years LLB 2nd years Exam Routine

LLB 2nd year Routine 2020 has been published if you are waiting for the exam routine of LLB 2nd year. Hurry Up guys we will provide the details of the examination. Today we are giving you the routine of LLB second year exam routine published on Wednesday Falgun 7th 2076 (February 2nd 2019).

LLB 2nd year Exam routine 2076

LLB 2nd year Routine 2020
LLB 2nd years Exam Routine 2076

LLB 2nd years program exam routine has been published by Tribhuvan University, Balukhu, for the information of all concerned as the examinations, will be conducted as per the following program of 2 years LLB Second Year Regular Examination which will be conducted in 2076 years.

Exam Time: 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Notice Published: 2076/11/07

LLB Routine 2020

The full routine is published below:
Date            Subject Code  Subjects
2076-12-14    Law 422      Public International Law
2076-12-16    Law 422      Property Law
2076-12-17    Law 422      Environmental Law
2076-12-18    Law 422      Methods of Legal Research & Writing
2076-12-19    Law 422      Evidence Law
2076-12-20    Law 422      Refugee Law
2076-12-21    Law 422      Labour Law
2076-12-23    Law 422      Criminal Law
2076-12-24    Law 422      International Air Space Law
2076-12-25    Law 422      Gender & Inclusive Justice
2076-12-26    Law 422      Election Law
2076-12-27    Law 422      Criminology
2076-12-28    Law 422      Law of Insurance

LLB exam routine 2076
LLB exam routine 2076

Special Notice 

Under the 3 years LLB 2nd year program, some students who have to attend the second year LLB Second Year Exam came to understand that they have missed filling out the examination application form. Students from such campuses are informed fill out the examination application form within Falgun 28th 2076 possible by contacting the respective campus.

To be visible 

  1. No re-arrangement will be made for the candidates who are absent in the examination as per the above examination program.
  2. Even if there is a sudden holiday, the examination will not be postponed without prior notice of Tribhuvan University.
  3. If any exam routine is overlapped then inform within 7 days of this notice published in Gorkhapatra. Otherwise, the schedule will remain the same. 
  4. For the practical exam, students should contact their respective campus. 
  5. The log table, Journal vouchers, graph paper, charts, etc. required for the examination should be brought by the students himself and used after the pre-approval of the Exam Centre Chairperson.
  6. Within 1 month of completing the theoretical examination, the respective campus will have to complete the experimental exam and score the campus must send attendance to the office.
  7. Prohibited items such as mobile phones, smartwatches, Bluetooth, digital diaries will not be taken inside the exam building. Otherwise, such items will be unreturnable by exam central chairman.
  8. According to the information to fill the examination application form, the subjects under the rules and courses laid down in the Tribhuvan University will have to fill the examination application form only by making sure that the course is required to take the exam. Otherwise, the campus or student will be automatically responsible for this.
  9. If any of the students are blind, sluggish, or unable to write by hand due to a serious hand-related disease, if the exam is to be given by a contributing author in accordance with Rule 2, on the basis of disability certificate from the official body or certified letter from the doctor, 1 hour for integers and less than half an hour. The timeline will be added for disability.
  10. The examination will be cancelled automatically if the student is found at different exam centre other than the predetermined centre.
Exam Controller

Thank you
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