5 yrs BALLB first year 2076 exam schedule - 5 Years BALLB routine

5 yrs BALLB first year 2076 exam schedule - 5 Years BALLB Routine 

5 yrs BALLB first year 2076 exam schedule has been published by Tribhuvan University, Office of the Controller of Exam, Balkhu to all the yearly Students of Law Faculty. First Partial partial exam of 5 years BALLB exam schedule is below. The examination will be held from Marga 15th, 2076. 

5 yrs BALLB first year 2076 exam schedule
BALLB Exam Schedule 2076

Full Exam Routine Detail of 5 yrs BALLB 1st Year

Exam Starting Date: Marga 15th, 2076
Exam Ending Date: Marga 23rd, 2076
Exam Time: Morning 11:00 AM to  2:00 PM

Exam Schedule

Date:                Subject Code:        Subjects:
2076-10-15     Law. 358                Comparative Law and Nepalese Legal System  
2076-10-15     L. Nep. 355            Legal Nepali  
2076-10-15     L. Eng. 354            Legal English       
2076-10-15     SoAn. 352              Sociology and Anthropology     
2076-10-15     Law. 357                Legal Methods       
2076-10-15     Hist. 353                History       
2076-10-15     PS. 351                    Political Science      

Exam Centre

Kathmandu Valley : 
Mahendra Ratna Campus, Tahachal

Pokhara Centre:
Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara  

To Visual

  1. Students absent above exam will not be provided with another chance to give same exam.        
  2. If any sudden holiday in the exam time then without prior notice from TU, the exam will not be postponed. 
  3. Students should give exam in their own subject. If any other exam is overlapped then you need to visit TU within 7 days of the notice published in Gorkhapatra National Daily Newspaper. 
  4. For Practical exam, students are informed to contact their college.  
  5. All the materials required for exam such as log table, Journal Voucher, Graph Paper, Chart should be bought by students by taking pre-approval from exam centre director. 
  6. Within 1 month of completion of the theoretical examination, college should send the mark sheet of students on TU. 
  7. A student should give an exam in the subject in which student have filled exam form and course prescribed by TU otherwise students are only liable for any mistake done.
  8. Strictly prohibited materials such as a digital watch, mobile phones and electronic devices are not allowed to bring.  
  9.  Physically disabled approved by a doctor or disability cardholder students will get 1 hour extra for 100 marks exam and half an hour for 50 full marks exam. 

Exam form filling Special Notice

If any students have not filled the form of the exam till this date then students can fill their exam form within Magh 5th, 2076 by paying double form fees in the respective campus and campus should send this to TU within 7 days.


Any confusion about this notice felt by a student is welcomed to express in the comment box. You can also visit to the TU official website for the same news. Don't forget to get latest news from our website in the future.

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