Insurance Policy Sells Process-10 Tips to an Insurance Agent

Insurance Policy Sells Process-10 Tips to an Insurance Agent 

Insurance Policy Sells Process tips for you if you are a fresh insurance agent. If you have taken a license from any insurance companies after a certain hour of training.
Insurance Policy Sells Process
10 tips for an insurance agent to success

Policy Sell Process Tips

1. Prospecting

First of all, you need to know all your customers about selling your insurance policy. The prospecting can be as follows:
  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Colleagues
  4. Neighbourhood
  5. Referrals
  6. Centre of Influence
  7. Cold Calls
 Per day you need to add at least 5 prospects. Make a call with four peoples, ask for the appointment with at least 3 people and approach with at least 2 people. You must try to sell your product to at least one of the customer for better success. Show your presentation about a product or insurance policy.

2. Pre-approach

You prepare yourself before meeting with any people/customer.
  1. Product Knowledge
  2. Client Background
  3. NoteBook
  4. Pen
  5. Competitor
  6. Calculator
  7. Rate Book of insurance policy
  8. Broucer
  9. Form 
  10. Gluesticks
  11. Stapler
  12. Bag

3. Approach

Means meeting with a new customer who is willing to buy your policy. You should never forget below points before meeting.
  1. Timely attendance
  2. Appearance
  3. Manner
  4. Friendly Environment (Take some gift which is less costly and valuable eg. pen/tie)
  5. Appreciate/Praise ( if you see art on the ceiling then say it really nice)

4. Facts Finding

You never do a presentation immediately. Look from the business point of view that how many more insurance policy you can include for the future. It is also called observing the real situation.

5. Solution 

Solution Design. You went there for only one person there you found 5 to 6 person who can buy your policy. You know that a minimum 10% premium is eligible.

6. Presentation

First, ask for the time with him/her. At least for 5 to 10 min. Tell full details about the product in an interesting way of making it a small fraction. Make the presentation interesting and friendly.

7. Closing

A sign from the client is the closing in the insurance policy form. Medical should be done if the age exceeded the policy age bar. You always need to refer to the banking transaction rather than cash transaction. Give second priority to cash transaction.

If you are professional then you will surely use check transaction. If there is a medical case then you can convey a message about medical stations. 

8. Follow Through

Conveying the message of the receipt. Also, conveying a message about the medical notice. If anyone has told to come after some time then tell him you have told in this time. Agency manager or unit manager tell you to deliver the policy.

9. Policy Delivery 

Delivering the insurance policy to the client who is insured. The covering of the policy is called a jacket.

10. Referrals

When a person is insured and convinced with the product then appreciate him for being insured. Lastly, tell him to give the name of at least two people who want to get insured.

Tell your client to pay the insurance amount timely. Also, don't forget to meet your client by maintaining gaps because there is the possibility of getting more customers.


We hope that the information will help you to grow your job as an insurance agent in the field of insurance. This is service delivering work and you are doing social work to make a happy life and bright life.

Thank you
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