How to vote Anushka Shrestha - Miss World 2019 from world

How to vote Anushka Shrestha - Miss World 2019 from world

How to vote Anushka Shrestha - Miss World 2019 from the world. Altogether there are 116 countries taking part in the Miss World 2019. It is not that much easy for Nepal to become the top among all the participant countries. But, from the voice of Anushka Shrestha, she has determined to perform better than last Miss World Nepal.

Miss World Final is going to be held on December 14th 2019 In England (United Kingdom) London, at Excel London. This is the 69th Edition of the Miss World Pageant. 

MISS WORLD 2019 Competition

In this Competition, Miss Nepal World Anushka Shrestha has gone to London to take part in the head to head Challenge against Miss Mexican World

Miss Nepal World has gone to London to take part in the Miss World 2019 Competition.

How to vote Anushka Shrestha
Left Shrinkala Khatiwada & Right Anushka Shrestha
The introduction video of Anushka Shrestha has already hit More than 1 Millions views. It is also at the top of trending among all the countries in the world.

In the introduction video of Anushka Shrestha beauty of Nepal from Terai to Himalaya has been reflecting perfectly. All the Nepalese living around the globe has appreciated the introduction video. Form this also we can say that she is going to get full support of all Nepali increased around the world.

To win the Miss World title by Anushka Shrestha, support of all the audiences is required.

How can you help Anushka Shrestha?

We can help Anushka Shrestha in the Multimedia Award. Last year the multimedia award was won by Miss Nepal World 2018 Shrinkala Khatiwada. The winner of the Multimedia Award will directly advance to Miss World Final to top 20.

Next is Head to Head Challenge, where Anushka Shrestha really needs the support of all Nepalese. In H2H challenge Anushka Shrestha is in the group of countries such as Tanzania, Gibraltar, Nepal, Holland(Poland), Mexico, Cayman Island. Only will be the winner of this group.
Anushka Shrestha has been doing In different 15 Genre among all genre by Anushka Shrestha in Miss World 2019. Among all the 15 Genre we can help in two genres by voting.

In the talent round, Anushka Shrestha is going to give her singing performance.

How to vote Anushka Shrestha?

We need to download Mobstar app from the play store and iOS store. First, you need to follow Anushka Shrestha and need to like every post shared by her. Also, you need to visit different websites, Liking Facebook official page, and voting on the model power live.

Download Mobstar App android and iOS 

MOBSTAR APP Download  and iOS APP Download

Open Mobstar app and sign with facebook
Search ๐Ÿ”Ž Anushka Shrestha (You see Follow with blue for android and yellow for iOs)
Find the verified profile with a green tick ✔️ next to her name
Follow Anushka Shrestha inside mobster app
Swipe right and comment on your view genuinely as genuine comment are only counted.

Visit official Facebook Page of Anushka Shrestha and Like:

Click [Miss Nepal World Anushka Shrestha]  and  Miss World 2019 to visit the official personal Facebook page.

Vote from the Miss world official website: 

Miss World official Voting Website 
Firstly, Visit the official website
Secondly, Search Anushka Shrestha and with Country Nepal
Thirdly, to vote you can tick.
Lastly, at the bottom click on vote.

To Know more news about Anushka Shrestha in Miss World Click [Here]

Vote on Model Power Live in China

Vote on Model Power lives in China. If you are living in China then you can use it.
Sign In with Facebook and vote.

Participants who of Miss World are categorized in a different group according to colour. Miss Nepal world Anushka Shrestha is in the green group. In this group of Nepal, there are Canada and Russia.

Let's hope that Anushka Shrestha will bring Miss World Title as told by Miss Nepal World winner Shrinkala Khatiwada.

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