Check BBS 4th year result-4 years BBS 4th year result 2076

Check BBS 4th year result-4 years BBS 4th year result 2076 

Check BBS 4th year result-4 years BBS 4th year result 2076  with mark sheet. The has been published by Tribhuvan University. Here we will help you to check your result easily with mark sheet. This is the 4 years course which is yearly based on the faculty of management.
Check BBS 4th year result

How to check 4 years BBS 4th year result 

Mainly there are two methods you can apply to check your result. One is a website and another is your smartphone.

By using the website you can only get the result whether you are pass or fail with your name and College name.

By using your smartphone you can get all the mark sheet of your every subject. It is also included that in particular subject you are pass or fail. You can add those numbers and find out how much percentage you got.

How to get your percentage in 4th year?

Total marks secured in all the subjects Divided by Total full marks of all the subject whole divided by hundred.
For example, you have 3 subjects you secured 50, 56 and 67 marks respectively.  The full marks of each subject are 100. Now, your percentage will be 173/300*100= 57.67%.

Two methods to check the 4th-year result?

#1 Website

Visit the official website of Tribhuvan University related to exam and result. This provide you only the pass or fail remarks with your and college name.

If you are passed in all subject then you get P otherwise, you get F if you fail in any one subject.


If you are the NTC user you can directly visit to your SMS box.
- In send option type 34949
-SMS section type 4BBS (SPACE) Your Symbol Number.


We hope that the above two methods will work for you to find your four years BBS 4th year result according to your need. If you need such information in future then subscribe to our newsletter.

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