LLB 2nd year Exam Schedule : 3 Years LLB 2nd Partial Yr 2076

LLB 2nd year Exam Schedule : 3 Years LLB 2nd Partial Yr 2076

LLB 2nd year Exam Schedule
Exam Routine 2076
LLB 2nd year Exam Schedule : 3 Years LLB 2nd Partial Year 2076 has been published by Tribhuvan University. Year based LLB 2nd year partial exam schedule has been published as below. This is noticed to all the students who have filled for the examination 2076.

3 Years LLB 2nd Year Exam routine Details

Exam Start Date: Kartik 19th, 2076
Exam End Date: Mangshir 3rd, 2076
Exam Centre: Will be updated Soon 

Exam full Schedule 

Date                    Code           Subject
2076-07-19   Law 422    Public International Law
2076-07-20   Law 430    Environmental Law
2076-07-21   Law 424    Methods of Legal Research and writing
2076-07-22   Law 423    Property Law
2076-07-24   Law 426    Evidence Law
2076-07-25   Law 431     Refugee Law
2076-07-26   Law 427    Labour Law
2076-07-27   Law 429    International Air and Law
2076-07-28   Law 433    Gender and Inclusive space justice
2076-07-29   Law 428    Election Law
2076-08-01   Law 432    Criminology
2076-08-02   Law 434    Law of Insurance
2076-08-03   Law 421     Criminal Law 

Exam Centre: Click [HERE]

Special Notice : 

In this same program some students from 3 years LLB 2nd year are found that they have not filled exam form till now due to some reasons. Those students who are left to fill exam form till now are informed to fill exam form in the double fee. Students should fill exam form in double fee within Kartik 6th, 2076 if you want to appear in the exam schedule. Also, the respective Campus should send this filled exam form within Kartik 8th, 2076 by fulfilling all the responsibility to the office of Examination controller. This notice is published to all the related Campuses and Students.

To be Visual

  1. Another management will be not be done if any student is unable to attend the exam in the above exam schedule.  
  2. If there is any sudden holiday in exam date then exam schedule will not be changed until there is an advance notice from TU.
  3. A student should know their exam subject while appearing in their examination. If there is any overlap or unable to attend the exam then you should immediately.
  4. For practical examination student contact to the respective campus. 
  5. Within 1 month of completion of the theoretical exam, Campus should send practical exam obtained marks answer sheet of students to the office of Examination controller
  6. Students should bring the required Log table, Voucher, Graph paper, Chart, etc. after the pre-approval from Centre President.
  7. A student appearing in the exam are not allowed to bring Mobile, Smart Watch, Bluetooth, Digital Diary in the exam centre otherwise exam centre president will seize those utensils at the time of inspection.
  8. Students should go to appear in the examination after matching all the details that they have filled in the exam form. Campus or students will be responsible for such mistake done while filling and sending exam form to TU.
  9. For disabled students or student suffered from serious disease, there will be done special time management. Those students who cannot write there will be another person for their help. For 100 marks exam extra 1 hour is added than regular time. For below 100 full marks half hour will be added in regular exam time.
  10. A student is not allowed to change their exam centre another side their exam will be automatically disqualified. 


We hope that this will definitely help a student of 3 years LLB 2nd year partial 2076 if you are still unable to pass the examination.  If you need more information on this topic. Stay tuned for Exam Centre. This will be updated soon upon available.

Thank you
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