Exam routine of LLM 2 Years LLM 2nd year 2076

Exam routine of LLM 2 Years LLM 2nd year 2076 Exam Schedule

Exam routine of LLM 2 Years LLM 2nd year 2076 has been published to those who are waiting for the exam to be held in 2076.

LLM Study in Nepal 

LLM is a Master level of study of Examination schedule in the faculty of law. There are 3 year LLM and 4 years LLM in Nepal and there is a Newly introduced Semester Level LLM in Nepal in Current Trend. When a student passes his LLB exam then he/she can apply for LLM. Mainly there is only one government Campus to Learn Law in Nepal. But, there are many other private level Campus in Nepal for the study of Nepalese Law.

Tribhuvan University
Faculty of Law
Office of Examination Controller, Balkhu,
Faculty of Law exam Schedule of  2 years LLM 2nd year 2074 to the yearly based LLM Students Batch to held examination in 2076 B.S. Those who want to appear in  Master in Legislative law after passing LLM 2nd year examination 2076 are welcomed to make their bright future in Law Department of Nepal 

Notice of Exam Routine

This notice is published to all partial students only who want to appear in yearly based LLM 2nd year exam 2076. 
Exam routine of LLM
Exam routine of LLM 2 Years
Exam Schedule has been published as below for all the students related to this exam. So, Don't miss your exam to make your future more brighten. Exam Schedule is published below or you can also find it from Gorkhapatra. 

Schedule Published Date: 2076, Ashadh  10th (2076/03/10), Tuesday

Exam Starting Date: 2076/04/05 or Shrawan 5th, 2076

Ending Date:  Shrawan 21st, 2076 (2076-04-21)

Exam Time: Day 12:00 PM to 4: 00 PM 

Exam Center: Mahendraratna Campus, Tahchal 

2 Years LLM 2nd Year Exam Schedule 2076

 Date                          Course No.                     Subject
2076-04-05                 Law 711                 Comparative Jurisprudence  
2076-04-07                 Law 714                 Constitutional Law II (Civil Liberties)

2076-04-09                 Law 719                 Refugee Law-II

2076-04-12                 Law 712                 Nepalese Legal System

2076-04-14                 Law 718                 Environmental Law-II (Comparative Environmental Law) 

2076-04-16                 Law 717                 Criminal Law II (Criminology and Victimology) 

2076-04-19                 Law 715                 Commercial Law-II

2076-04-21                 Law 716                 International Law-II International Human Rights
                                                                   Humanitarian Law

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For further Detail, you have been provided with the exam Exam Routine of Two Years LLM 2nd year 2076 below exam to held from 2076 B.S., Shrawan 5th.

Rule and Regulation for Exam : 

  1. All the exam will be held as per the exam schedule published above. There will be no another exam schedule who are absent. 
  2. If there is no any notice from Dean office then even there is a holiday in the above-published exam schedule notice exam will be held.   
  3. If you're another faculty exam is overlapped then immediately contact the Office of Examination Controller. 
  4. For practical Examination Contact your related College/Campus. 
  5. All the required graph, calculator, voucher, chart, Log table, etc should be brought by students themselves and take in advance approvement from respective Exam Center Director.
  6. After the completion, theoretical exam practical exam obtained marks of students should be sent to the Office of Examination Controller within one month.
  7. All the prohibited materials such as mobile, digital diary, electronic watch, digital watch are not allowed in the Center to bring in the exam hall.
  8. Extremely prohibited devices inside the exam hall are a mobile, digital watch, smartphones, Digital Diary. If these types of devices are brought in exam Center then exam Center head will seize all the above devices.
  9.  For Disabled or Handicapped or other diseased suffered students who are unable to write with their own hand will be provided with another person to help them to write in the exam.
    If any students are found to attending their exam in another exam Center on which they are not allowed then their exam will be disqualified. 
  10. Students should give the exam only in their own subject on which they have filled their exam form. If you attend in any different subject exam than you have filled in the examination form or admit card then student himself is responsible for this mistake.

 Conclusion :

If you have any confusion with the above notice you can comment in the comment section below. All the Information's are taken from TU as a source. You can contact Directly to TU or your Campus administration for further examination details.

Thank you
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