Exam form fill notice 4 yrs B.Sc. CSIT 1st year 2nd Sem 2076

Exam form fill notice 4 yrs BSc CSIT 1st year 2nd Sem 2076

Exam form fill notice 4 yrs BSc CSIT 1st year 2nd Sem 2076 has been published by Tribhuvan (TU), Institute of Science and Technology, Office of Dean, Exam Branch, Balkhu, Kathmandu.

Four years B.Sc.CSIT first year, 2nd Semester Regular students those who were admitted in the 2075 year are announced that exam form fill up notice has been published.

Also, Same Four years B.Sc.CSIT First Year, 2nd-semester partial students who are admitted before 2075 B.S. are informed to fill the form in the limited time that is according to TU notice. 
Exam form fill notice 4 yrs BSc CSIT

Exam Form Fill Up notice published in Gorkhapatra

Notice Published Date: Shrawan 10th, 2076 B.S. (July 23rd, 2019 A.D.)

Form fillup last Date: Bhadra 5th, 2076 B.S. (August 21, 2019 A.D.) 


Notice For Campus

Related Campus/College should collect all the forms and bring within Bhadra 8th, 2076 (August 24th, 2019 A.D.) to Tribhuvan (TU), Institute of Science and Technology, Office of Dean, Exam Branch, Balkhu, Kathmandu.

Things to be remembered by Campus/Colleges before Sending form 

1. Kota, Service Fee and about affiliation fees

  1. Approved Kota proof form with the exam form
  2. Form according to the Kota of students
  3.  Affiliated Campus should pay a 1-month fee of all the students to Planning Division, TU, Kirtipur and bring a form with this fee. 
  4. College/Campus should bring Affiliation fee paid document or proof form.
  5. College/Campus should bring partial students certificate or mark ledger photocopy with form. 

  2. Examiner Attendance, Internal Appraisal, about the subject number:

  1. In the form Attendance of Students according to TU rules should be included. 
  2. All the subject Internal appraisal of students should be included in exam form
  3. Form without Internal appraisal will be rejected so it is pre-informed to include an internal appraisal of all the students.
  4.  The subject in which student is failed in an internal appraisal should not be included otherwise the exam will be auto cancelled. 
  5.  That student who wants to take part in this examination is informed bring subjective-data with the exam form. 

     a. Exam Fee Details

  1. Full fee of a Semester (Regular)   Rs. 2,500
  2. Full fee of a Semester(Partial Upto two subjects)           Rs. 1,500
  3. Full fee of a Semester(Partial more than two subjects)   Rs. 2,500
  4.  Extra Elective per Subject           Rs. 1,500

     b. Late Fee/Fines

     The first week after the completion of Exam form fillup date Rs. 2,500

     c. Regarding Submission of Exam fee:

     Related Campus/College should collect exam form fee from all the students and deposit it in Nepal Bank Limited Current Account No. 04500100099107000001 Office of Dean, Kirtipur, Kathmandu.

     d. Exam Center:

     It will be published later

3. To be noted/Visual:

  1. According to the TU decision exam, the provision regarding change of examination Center has been removed.
  2. Students give their exam in which they have filled in the examination form. So think twice and fill the exam form.
  3. Exam form should is to be filled by students themselves. Furthermore, a signature should be done by the student himself/herself in the exam form and admit card. If there is any difference found then the office will not be liable for such differences.  

Conclusion :

 If you have any confusion regarding this notice then you can directly contact the Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan.  If you want to hear from us then comment below in the section provided to comment.

Thank you
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