u19 Nepali cricket team Asia qualifying for 2020 world cup

u19 Nepali cricket team Asia qualifying for 2020 world cup

u19 Nepali cricket team Asia qualifying for 2020 world cup. Find who are selected to play cricket u19 Asia qualifying for u19 2020.
  •           U19 Asia qualifying Start Date: 10 April 2019
    u19 Nepali cricket team Asia qualifying for 2020 world cup
    U19 Captain Rohit K. Poudel

  •           U19 Asia qualifying End Date: 18 April 2019

  •           Venue: Malaysia 

  •           Host Country: Malaysia 

More Details 

Nepali team to play Asia qualifying for the world cup which is going to held in South Africa in 2020 A.D. Nepali u19 Team is lead by Rohit Kumari Poudel. He will lead 14 players to play cricket. Also, Rohit Kumari Poudel is also known as record broker of World popular Batsman Sachin Tendulkar which was held in UAE.

Nepali Team To play U19 Asia Qualifying on April 10 are :
  1. Rohit Kumar Poudel               Batsman Captain
  2. Abhiskek Basnet                      N/A
  3. Bhim Sharki                               Batsman
  4. Hari Bahadur Chauhan         Bowler Spin
  5. Kamal Singh Aaire                    N/A          
  6. Kusal Malla                                Bowler Spin
  7. Aasif Shiek                                 Bowler Medium
  8. Pavan Sarraf                             Batsman
  9. Pratish G.C.                                N/A
  10. Rashid Khan                              All rounder
  11. Rit Gautam                                 Batsman
  12. Sagar Dhakal                             Bowler Spin
  13. Sandeep Jhora                          Bowler Medium
  14. Surya Tamang                           Bowler Spin
Similarly, Aakash Chand, Lokendra Bahadur Bam and Sher Malla are selected for alternative players for playing Asia qualifying on April 10, 2019 A.D.

First Time Selected Players

  1. Kusal Malla
  2. Hari Bahadur Chauhan
  3. Abhishek Basnet

Team Coach

Former Nepali Cricketer Binod Das is a coach for Nepali Team


Bikram Neupane is selected for Physio.

Manager & Analyser

Raman Siwakoti is the Nepali team Manager and Team analyzer.

Nepali Team will be heading to Malaysia on April 6, 2019 A.D.

Team to Play Asia Qualifying

Nepal, Singapore, United Arab Emirate (UAE), Kuwait, Oman 

Winner of this qualifying will play Cricket World Cup 2020 which is going to held in South Africa. This is an opportunity for all the teams to show their talent and Represent their country Name by the help of Sports popular game Cricket.

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