New Captain of Nepal Cricket to lead Nepali Cricket Team

New Captain of Nepal Cricket to lead Nepali Cricket Team

New Captain of Nepal Cricket to lead Nepali Cricket Team from Today (October 31st, 2019 A.D. or Kartik 14th, 2076). After the resignation of Paras Khadka from the Captaincy role. The Nepali cricket team was in confusion about which player to lead Nepali cricket. 
New captain of Nepal Cricket
Nepal Cricket

Nepal National Cricket New Captain

The team selection committee of the Cricket Association of Nepal has declared a new name for captain and vice-captain to Lead Nepali National Cricket team for the future coming cricket games.  

When did Paras Khadka Resign from Captaincy of Nepali Cricket?

 Paras Khadka the legendary Captain of Nepal Resigned from the leading role Captain on October 15th, 2019

What is the Reason for Resignation?

The reason for resignation by Paras Khadka is that he wants to rest for some period of time from Nepal cricket and he told that he will be back soon in Nepali cricket with extra energy to bring about big change his side. Paras Khadka always to play positive cricket game and definitely to create positive energy in all the players in future tournaments. Paras Khadka will definitely support Nepali cricket for life long. Paras Khadka told that cricket is in his blood.

Who to lead Nepali National Cricket Team?

From the different media and announcement from CAN, there is a new captain to lead the Nepali team. 

Gyanendra Malla the vice-captain from the past has been promoted to the leading role of Captain. Gyanendra Malla will Lead Nepali National Cricket team.

Talking about the vice-captain of Nepal the rising star of cricket for Nepal and allrounder player Dipendra Singh Aaire is the vice-captain for Nepali Cricket Team. The spin bowler and game-changer from the batting skill Dipendra Singh Aaire really have potential to lead the team at the absentee of Captain Gyanendra Malla. Dipendra Singh Aaire is also taken as small Crish Gyle of Nepal. Due to his batting style and wearing a scarf on his head while batting.


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